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MRF Aquafresh – Wall Finish

Surface Preparation

Ensure that the surface is clean and free from dampness, dirt and other contamination.

Sand the surface using #180 Sandpaper and clean thoroughly. Ensure that no loose particles are sticking to the wall

Freshly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure completely. The coating process can be started after a minimum period of 30 days.

Application Procedure

Ensure that fresh walls are coated with one or two coats of white cement

Apply 2 coats of AquaFresh Wall Primer with an interval of 4 – 5 hrs between subsequent coats

Undulations in the wall can be levelled using any good quality acrylic putty or cement based putty

Putty should be used between the first and second coat of AquaFresh Wall Primer and sanding of the putty shall be done as per recommendation

Apply 2 coats AquaFresh interior wall finish with an interval of 4 to 5 hours between subsequent coats, after subjecting the second coat of AquaFresh Wall Primer to sanding using #320 Sandpaper

Sanding of the top coat can be done with #600 Sandpaper

The number of coats of top coat depends on the chosen color. Darker shades may require additional coats


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