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Aquacoat Water Based PU Finish

Surface Preparation

The raw wooden surface to be coated should be clean, dry, free from moisture ,dampness and other contamination

For hard wood, sand the surface using Sandpaper #80, followed by Sandpapers #120, #150, #180 and #220

For Veneer ply surfaces,start with Sandpaper #220

This step wise approach makes the surface smooth

Always sand in the direction of the wood grain

Application Procedure

Mix the base prior to mixing with the hardener. DO NOT SHAKE THE CONTAINER.

Mix the base and hardener thoroughly before addition of de – mineralised water.

Avoid applying in direct sunlight or when the humidity is very high.


Apply 2 to 3 coats of Aquacoat 2K PU Sealer clear with an interval of 8 hrs between the subsequent coats

Sandpaper #220 can be used for the first coat and Sandpaper # 400 can be used for the second and third coats

The number of coats of sealer required varies from 2 to 3 depending on the absorption of wood

Apply 2 coats of Aquacoat 2K PU Glossy / Matt clear, depending on the requirement, with an Interval of 8hours between subsequent coats. Sanding of the first coat shall be done using Sandpaper # 600

MRF Aquacoat Woodstains Interior shades can be used to enhance the colour of the wood grain. The available shades can be used over either the first coat or the second coat of sealer clear sanding of the applied shade is not permitted


Apply 3 to 4 coats of Aquacoat 2K PU Glossy / Matt clear directly on raw wood with an interval of 8 hrs between each coat

Sanding should be done prior to the application of each coat with Sandpaper # 400 for the first coat and Sandpaper # 600 for the subsequent coats


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